While our Elopers team is working hard to create more rocks, we encourage our followers to help. If you have an idea for a rock or would like to paint one, contact us for further details. YOUR rock could be the next one featured!

Tina P. shared her rock she found at Bolen Park in Leesburg, VA. Thanks for sharing! 

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Elopers Rocks

Nothing brightens our family’s day like finding a beautifully adorned rock with an uplifting message. We love sharing our cool finds in the local Facebook rock groups:  Frederick Rocks, EPWV Rocks, or  Jefferson County "ROCKS"

As a part of our vision to promote more love and positivity in the world, we want to continue spreading the joy of finding and hiding rocks for everyone.

Don’t have a social media account? You can still join in on the fun!

1. Share it with us HERE

2. Re-hide the rock in a new spot or keep it as a souvenir!

3. Check back here or find us on Google. Your rock find may be featured! 😊


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