Is there anything we need to bring?
The only thing you need to bring is your marriage license and your soon-to-be spouse. If you have rings to exchange, those are great too!


What if it rains?
While some venues we utilize have a back-up for rain, all of them unfortunately do not. However, your elopement coordinator will work with you before the ceremony to create a Plan B, C, and D in the event of rain. We also provide clear umbrellas for the couples who are not opposed to getting a little wet. We think it adds a little dash of romance and excitement to your wedding story! 😊


How long does the ceremony lasts?
Ceremonies vary in length depending on the size of your wedding party and any additional extras (personal vows, unity ceremonies, readings, etc.).  However, most ceremonies fall between 10 – 15 minutes.


Do you provide seating for guests?
For some of our elopements, seating may not be necessary. If seating is necessary, you can rent chairs from us for $7/ea. This includes delivery, set-up and break down.  They will be onsite waiting for you when you arrive.

What venues do you provide?

We offer several options for venues. Our elopement chapel is an indoor option for a small guest list. We specialize in recommending budget-friendly, outdoor venues in all the areas we serve. Our elopement planner will recommend and help you identify the venue that fits your needs best. We also come to you! If you have a venue already, we can bring our services and packages to you.

Do you provide décor for elopements, micro weddings/minimonies?
No. Decorations will not be provided by Elopers. Should you decide to provide your own, Elopers can assist with setting up small décor items. Please speak with an elopement planner for more information.


Who chooses ceremony music?
You choose your own music. We provide a source and speaker. You provide the artist and title for your song selections and we will have them ready for the ceremony.


Can I personalize my ceremony?
Absolutely. Our wedding officiant, Major, will help you design a ceremony that custom made just for you. You will have the opportunity to add any type of element that would make your ceremony even more special.


Can I meet my wedding officiant before the wedding?
Yes. Ceremony consultations can be scheduled at our office in Charles Town, over the phone or via Zoom. Simply let us know your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

​​You are getting married, and we are certain you have many questions! After assisting hundreds of couples through the process, we hope to do the same for you. Below are our most frequently asked questions so that you can better understand the process of  getting married with Elopers. 

The first section consists of legal-related questions. The second section has more logistical FAQs.

​​​Do we need a marriage license?
Yes. For legally binding marriages, a license is required. While licenses are not required for commitment ceremonies or vow renewals, a commemorative certificate can be provided.

Will you provide the marriage license?
No. Couples must appear before the courts and apply for their marriage license. Fees may vary.

How do we get our marriage license?
Couples must apply for their marriage license in the state they plan to marry. In Maryland only, you must obtain your marriage license in the county where the marriage will take place. CLICK HERE for more information on how to obtain your marriage license in the state/district where you intend to marry.

After we receive the license, is there a waiting period before we can get married?
Maryland: Yes (48 hours)
Virginia: No
West Virginia: No
DC: No

How long is our marriage license valid?
Maryland: 6 months
Virginia:   60 days
West Virginia: 60 days
DC: No Expiration

What is required to get a marriage license?
Most courts will require both party’s state-issued identification and social security number to obtain a marriage license. If you have been previously married, see the question below for more requirements.

This is not my first marriage. Is the process for obtaining a marriage license different for me?
Slightly. You just need to provide the date, county, and state (or country) for EACH divorce or death (for widows).

Do I need a witness?

Do we need to bring our marriage license with us to the ceremony?

What happens with our marriage license after the ceremony?

Your wedding officiant will complete, sign, and return your marriage license to the courthouse for processing.

Do we have to be residents of the state where we plan to get married?

How do I obtain a copy of my marriage license?
A copy of your marriage license is included with our services. However, if you decide to obtain it independently or need more than one copy, you must contact the courthouse where the license was issued for directions on how to obtain.

Will my last name change after the marriage license is returned?
No. You must formally submit documentation to the government for an official name change.
NameSwap is a great alternative for those looking to change their name without the hassle. This service takes the mystery out of the name change process with everything you need to get it done sent right to your inbox. No researching, stressing, or guessing required.
This service to ALL couples, whether you use our services to perform your ceremony or not.

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