Hands-On Marriage Education (H.O.M.E)

is an online marital program designed for couples in all stages of their relationship from "nearly-wed" to newlywed and beyond.

Here is what's included:

Why is marriage education so important to my marriage?

Conflict Resolution

Financial Management

Roles & Responsibilities

us with the tools to improve our relationship.  Since then, we have come together to deliver this same curriculum to YOU! With the divorce rate at over 70% - the odds are against you. If you are divorced & remarried, the odds are even greater. YIKES! This is the reason we are committed to giving our time and energy to educate all couples and keep marriages strong.

Live Sessions

 Hands-On Marriage Education

Jennifer Clark is a marriage educator with an educational background in Psychology, Sociology, and Marriage & Family Therapy.  Her co-pilot in the H.O.M.E. program, Major, is a top-rated wedding officiant in Western Maryland having united over over 120 individuals in just three short years. Their passion for  marriage founded Elopers in 2015 and kickstarted the Hands-On Marriage Education program earlier this year. Together they work with couples from all over the United States performing elopements and teaching marriage education.

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Couples Assessment

Sexual Relationship

Family & Friends

Spiritual Beliefs

Marriage education is essential for couples in all stages of their relationship.  It helps enrich your relationship and sets the proper expectations to navigate through married life. This small investment in your marriage is the first step to minimizing your chances of divorce and moving towards a happy and healthy relationship.


Partner Style & Habits

Leisure Activities

Workbook Exercises

Couples will video conference with our marriage educator, trained to help you interpret your assessment results and build a personalized program just for you.
Our PDF workbook for couples is designed to get couples communicating and teach new skills.

Our story isn't much different from yours.  We met online and began dating shortly after. Things were GREAT. Romance, fun and excitement! Then came marriage... kids, debt, tragedies and life in general began to take its toll on our new marriage.    We decided to fight back!

Couples complete an online assessment. Based in research, this tool helps identify unique strength and growth areas in your relationship.

After some research, we found a marriage curriculum to fit our needs. It gave us a renewed sense of our marriage and equipped    

H.O.M.E.  covers  9  core topics to build a strong foundation and enrich your marriage. We also include a bonus section with topics such as the SCOPE personality profile, forgiveness, and health & wellness.

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